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Every small business owner knows how hard it is to get your marketing right. Especially when you have to deal with harsh realities like these, that plague every small business owner, no matter where you live…

  1. Ignorance — when it comes to marketing and advertising, you either know what to do, why to do it and how to do it… or you don’t. (Heck, most small business owners don’t even know the differences between marketing, selling and advertising. You can fix that now.)
  2. No leverage or economies of scale — you don’t have the kinds of resources that BIG business has… the expertise, national advertising budgets, cashflow, buying power, political and economic clout, etc, etc, etc.
  3. When it comes to marketing, all you ever seem to hear is BIG business marketing stuff that’s been dumbed-down to suit small business. All it seems to do is waste your precious time and money.
  4. Genuine professionals in marketing and advertising rarely work with small businesses. For a start, they can earn much more from BIG businesses for a lot less time, effort, cost and aggravation. So any self-proclaimed “expert” who’s willing to handle marketing and advertising for your small business is likely to be someone with limited experience, talent or know-how who can’t cut the mustard with BIG businesses, or else they’re a “wannabe” who’s bought a few ebooks and home study courses about marketing for local offline businesses — and swallowed the standard B.S. of earning big, fat cheques from you every month for little or no effort  (because they outsource the real work to people in India or the Philippines —  who speak English as a second, third or even fourth language).

Sceptical? Take a look here.

You either know what to do or you don’tGuessing doesn’t work, and doing what everyone else does is a guaranteed recipe for failure when 90% of all small businesses FAIL in the first 10 years (75% in half that time).

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